Welcome to Performance Autosport Inc.™!!

With all of the choices for personalizing your car or truck, it's tough to find the right spot, isn't it?? You want the BEST quality craftsmanship, at the
BEST price, as you should!! After all, your vehicle is the second largest investment you make next to your home, and you wouldn't trust just
anyone in your home, would ya? NO!! You want someone who actually
CARES and knows what they are doing! Look no further.

Performance Autosport™Inc. Located at 757 Harry L. Drive, near Binghamton NY opened their doors in May 1998, and since then, we have put
together some pretty sweet,
competition winning packages, and our clients agree!! Cut your wait time....We employ more technicians than any
other facility
to better serve you at any given notice. We stand behind EVERYTHING we do. If you have an issue, we'll fix it, no matter what it
takes! Whatever your needs:

HUGE array of truck accessories from the major manufacturers!!

Need to keep that ever hotter sun out of your ride?? Ask us about
custom window tinting!!

Wanna put some thump in your trunk without breaking the bank?? Or maybe you're limited on space, but still want your tunes to have some
backbone. We can build you a subwoofer enclosure
CUSTOM tailored to your specific vehicle, using one of our designs, or, design it
YOURSELF!!! That's right, we can make your custom designs come to life before your eyes!! HOW??! Just click the Custom Sub Enclosures link,
and you'll see!!!
AWARD WINNING, handcrafted custom installs, honesty, integrity, and the guys are pretty cool too!! Thanks for stopping by, and
we hope to hear from ya soon!!
Alarm Systems
Cd and mp3 players
Satellite Radio
Rims and Tires
Nitrous Oxide
Remote Starters
Custom Lighting
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757 Harry L. Drive
Johnson City, NY 13790
We are proud to offer BDS Lift Kits!!
All BDS Lift kits are 5% off the internet price
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GM Trucks
18" Black/Machined
Set of 4
GM Trucks
17" Black/Machined
17" Black/Milled
HELO 878
Set of 4 $796
GM Trucks
17" Black/Machined
Set of 4
GM Trucks
17" Black/Machined
Set of 4
GM Trucks
17" Black/Machined
Set of 4
Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 3pm

Tint Deals
Take $10 off regular prices Cars and Trucks
AR899 22" Set of 4 $632
These are some of the LOWEST wheel prices we've
Stop in today and customize your ride!!!
KM755 24" Set of 4 $712

KM755 20" Chrome
Set of 4 $632
WL029 22" Set of 4 $632
KM664 22" Set of 4 $400

KM664 24" Set of 4 $400
WL026 22" Set of 4 $400
WL030 22" Set of 4 $400
Car Start Sale
We are now offering heated windshield
washer units by Alpha Therm. No more
scraping ice off your windshield. Helps
stop ice build up on wiper blades too.
Also cleans better in warm weather,
increasing driving safety.
Truck Lift and Leveling Kits
Huge array of truck accessories
Window Tinting
NEW Autotek SUB box Combo

  • 2 12 " dual voice coil woofers
  • 1 dual 12" sealed box
  • 1 Memphis amp kit
  • 1 Autotek 1,000 watt amp
  • Professional installation and tuning

         $299  !!
Spring Stereo Sale
  • Remote Start
  • Keyless Entry
NEW Undercover LUX SE Hard Tonneau
Cover For 2014 GMC Sierra
Regular Price $1399
Steal it for $699 INSTALLED!!!